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my name is December Rosalyn Ourgos. i commonly go by the nickname Demi.

i am a woman, currently 24 years of age, residing in the united states.

i am a hobbyist web developer, lesbian, practicing 'witch' (whatever that label is worth), anarchist, noted history buff, and computing enthusiast. typically these interests coalesce in odd ways and form an amalgamate unpalatable to anyone but me.

i also enjoy the occasional video game, and the more-than-occasional tabletop trading card game and roleplaying game. currently i find myself most enamoured with Pathfinder 2nd Edition and Magic: the Gathering.

i am also currently dating the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world. she is much smarter than me with regards to this sort of thing and has been helping me a lot with setting this site up. hi august!